Where can I learn about lighting models

Do you know where can I find a good intro for lighting models and all
the algorythms/ math necessary to represent light in a program? I wanted to do all my lighting in my program and just tried the Computer Graphics: Principles and Practices book
chapter on the matter,
but I didnt understand everything, I have some doubts in some aspects…

Any other books/URLs?


you know vectormath? matrixmath? integrals and such? no? learn this… else… why dont you understand?

I’ve seen some stuff concerning lighting on Nvidia Site (developers section) but it concerns D3D… don’t know if it can helps… Anyway you can also drop an eye to mesa sources a lot of stuff inside!! eh? why don’t you use openGL lighting models?

well…before u doing lighting in OpenGL, you have to know several terms that are mostly used in lighting:-
Firstly, u should know what is ambient light, diffuse light and specular light.
Second, the concept of local light source and infinite light source.
well…that’s all for now…

Thx for your answers!