Where can I get latest version of OpenGL ?

I need to use 3D textures in opengl, but it isn’t supported by the opengl 1.1 whitch is with visual studio. So, where can I get a newer version for windows ? (include files and libraries)I didn’t found it on this site or elsewhere in the net…
3D textures are also supported by opengl extensions, but I found the header file but not the lib…
Can anyone help me ?

ATI’s extension loader library (buggy, but fixable) has methods that allow one to load up extensions that are intrinsic to various OpenGL versions’ specs. I’m sure other do something similar.

There are no lib. You must retrieve the entry points from the DLL.
see :
The 5th point : Win32’s Scheme for Getting Extension Function Pointers

But as it has been said many utils have been made to automate this, search in this forum.


Hope this helps

Extgl is probably what you’re looking for:

From my own library I just grab the definitions of enum’s and functions from the extension registry glext.h and add them directly into my own code.

Then at runtime I querry for the version number and existance of the extension before getting the function pointers.

This approach allows you app to compile with the OpenGL 1.1 headers, but at runtime simply check for the texture 3d support and use it if its there. Its a portable solution too that doesn’t rely on developers keeping an up to date version of glext.h.


ok, thanks for your answers !