where can i get "aux.h"

where can i get the file “aux.h”. what is the importance of this file. i believe it contains some functions to draw some specific objects. do we have an “aux.c” file too?

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Not sure what it is, there is an old OpenGL utility library called glaux for Windows, but the header file for this is named glaux.h


The only thing I have found that is useful in this file is a way to load bitmap files for texturing. like this:
AUX_RGBImageRec *BitmapImage = NULL;

BitmapImage = auxDIBImageLoad(FileName);

gluBuild2DMipmaps(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 3, BitmapImage->sizeX,
BitmapImage->sizeY, GL_RGB, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, BitmapImage->data);

thats basically what I use it for. I assume you are using windows. If you arent then I believe you are out of luck for using glaux.h if you are using windows just do this and it should work fine
#pragma comment(lib, “glaux”)

here are the only functions the aux library has for objects. Nothing special

void auxWireSphere(GLdouble);
void auxSolidSphere(GLdouble);
void auxWireCube(GLdouble);
void auxSolidCube(GLdouble);
void auxWireBox(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
void auxSolidBox(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
void auxWireTorus(GLdouble, GLdouble);
void auxSolidTorus(GLdouble, GLdouble);
void auxWireCylinder(GLdouble, GLdouble);
void auxSolidCylinder(GLdouble, GLdouble);
void auxWireIcosahedron(GLdouble);
void auxSolidIcosahedron(GLdouble);
void auxWireOctahedron(GLdouble);
void auxSolidOctahedron(GLdouble);
void auxWireTetrahedron(GLdouble);
void auxSolidTetrahedron(GLdouble);
void auxWireDodecahedron(GLdouble);
void auxSolidDodecahedron(GLdouble);
void auxWireCone(GLdouble, GLdouble);
void auxSolidCone(GLdouble, GLdouble);
void auxWireTeapot(GLdouble);
void auxSolidTeapot(GLdouble);

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[This message has been edited by mdog1234 (edited 03-06-2003).]

aux.h is part of a simple library created by SGI and described in the redbook. You can download a file called opengl.tar.gz at ftp.sgi.com containing this lib.
But don’t ask me how to use it. That’s where I am struggling at the moment.:frowning:

If You managed it, tell me!!


yeah, i also downloaded the opengl.tar.gz file from sgi, but there is problem unzipping the files “aux.h” and “aux.c”. i gave up after trying many times. instead i use newer header files which replace aux.h, ie. glut.h