where can i find code for blooby man?

i need to creat a man moving or dancing…but i can’t seem to find something which shows how to make one??? any ideas where i might find coded stuff which gives some idea where to start ???

ILook into using Q2 MD2 models, they can be animated etc. I thought they would be hard to use but they are actualy very easy as I have recently found. I haven’t got any source though.

is there any where I can find any opengl code for this ???

School assignment?

I don’t have any code for you but here’s some things you’ll need to understand in order to do this…

  1. How to get and display data for your model.
  2. A method for animating the data for your model.

OpenGL will only do the displaying of data for you. You will need to do a little work yourself in getting the model/animation data.

There is no magic function called glCreateDancingMan();

The first thing I’d do would be to understand how to display data with OpenGL… Either the Red Book, or Nehe’s would be good for this.

Then you will need to decide how you want to get the vertex data for your model, and how you want to animate it. There are any number of ways that this can be done, and no single right way to do it.