Where can I find C++ help online?

I really am in need of some good resources online for C++. I’ve recently downloaded the Bloodshed C/C++ compiler, but I really don’t know how to use it. I’m in highschool and our computer programming III class is still at the fundamentals of <iostream.h>. We haven’t even gotten into multidimensional arrays! This is rather annoying to someone who has learned many languages on his own: Perl, Javascript, HTML (yeah I know these are all pretty easy - but I believe C++ is over my head). I’d really like to learn how to make games (that aren’t Java based) and I know C++ and OpenGL are the way to go. PLEASE I NEED RESOURCES (also I’m broke and have many bills, please don’t send me anything about “good reference books.”

Also(as if my message wasn’t long enough) is it better to use Borland or Bloodshed…I really don’t like to use commandlines, but if i have too that’s fine…i’m more uccustomed to non-compiled languages and using IDE’s. Wait…Borland is DOS based right?

I’m not familiar with Bloodshed, so I can’t recommend which of those 2 to choose. As far as resources for C++, well, since you are primarily interested in making games, Flipcode might be a good place to start. There are several tutorials there, or on its hosted pages rather, that range from beginner to advanced. You can also use Google to search for C++ tutorials. It should return many hits. You might want to lurk on the comp.games.development.programming.misc newsgroup for awhile as well. And for OpenGL related questions, there is no better board than this one that I have found.


Try this one http://homepage.ntlworld.com/paul.gerfen/new_page_2.htm
It is written by Paul Gerfen. It may be suitable for you because he wrote it with Dev-C++ compiler in his mind.
Good luck!

You asked for C++ resources, “thinking in C++” is a book that can be downloaded: http://www.BruceEckel.com/

Reading your post gave me the impression that you really need documentation for the compiler and other tools. Here is a place to start searching: http://www.mingw.org/

Borland has better windows support but gcc generates faster code. Borland is 100% windows based.