where can i find backgrounds and images created by openGL and thier scource code

Hi every one…
I wanna ask where can i find images or background scenes written in openGL with their scource code?


I am not sure what exactly you mean, can you elaborate a bit more?

Do you look for OpenGL based software to generate scenes and render them into bitmaps?
-> www.blender3d.com

Or do you just look for some OpenGL programs with source code?
-> www.google.com

Or do you try to learn OpenGL for your final project?
-> nehe.gamedev.net

hi Qwerty77

Thanks a lot
actually ,what i am looking for is the second one but i needed a specific site that offers simple codes to be imported in my program

Hmmm just “importing” source code isnt always that easy.

Anyway you will find lots of examples/tutorials at http://nehe.gamedev.net

You may want to ask development related questions in the “OpenGL coding: beginners” forum on this site.