Where Can I Download OpenGL ES?

Hey sorry to ask this here but i’m a bit new to opengl es and wanted to know where I could download it. I’'m trying to compile for ARM, so if there’s a github or something, that would be nice.

Thanks in advance.

All you need to compile OpenGL ES applications are the headers which can be downloaded from http://www.khronos.org/registry/gles/.

To link the application you will need the SDK(s) for the platform(s) you wish to link for. For Android or iOS you’ll need the Android SDK or Xcode respectively. You’ll need these to get the compilers anyway. If you want to use an emulator from one of the IP vendors (e.g., Qualcomm Adreno, ARM Mali or Imagination PowerVR) you can download it from the respective company’s developer site. I think most of these companies have emulators for Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

Another choice for Windows is the ANGLE project. This provides Windows dlls that implement EGL and OpenGL ES 2.0 on D3D. You have to download the source and build these yourself.

In all cases* you can use the header files from the Khronos registry. There is no need to go through ifdef contortions to use the headers included with the SDKs.

  • unless you are using some deeply proprietary feature. Definitions for all registered vendor extensions are included in the Khronos headers.

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