Where can I download OpenGL 1.3

I dont want to download it from my gfx card makers website because ive already tried that. Ive been trying to get mohaa working for what seems like an eon. Every forum i go to suggests installing opengl 1.3, but for the life of me i cant find the bloody thing.


You get it from your graphics card manufacterer’s website. It comes with your drivers.

I know you can get it from your gfx cards website. the thing is im using Nvidias drivers on my TITANIUM and the drivers are not working. Ive tried them all. The whole lot of them.

Ive been told you can download opengl 1.3 from here but i cant find the link to download it.

Oh yeah and another thing. Please read my post properly u stupid retard

Sorry, Tilk, since I posted my fix – and yes it still works. I decided to just for kicks see if it were the GL 1.3. Well, I installed the newest driver to get the gl 1.4 and games went back to crashing. But I decided to install the next driver down and it worked. I am currently using 1.4 and driver version 41.09. I tried it until it worked. If you just go on nvidia site you can click through to the drivers and then look to the left it will say archive drivers. If you want I could send you the link.

Thx for that YoMAMA.

The thing is ive tried the oldest drivers. including the one you say to try.

Would it be best to just clean install everything? Then put the drivers you say on my machine as the first thing.?

Originally posted by tilk:
Oh yeah and another thing. Please read my post properly u stupid retard

Nothing like a person coming to a forum, posting only the vaguest of information, and then insulting those offering help.