Where can I D/L opengl setup for win 2k

Everytime I goto play Tribes 2 my screen turns grey… I need the opengl files for win2k… anyone know where I can get them?

I’ve looked everywhere…

they are included with your video drivers. If you are using the nvidia drivers, don’t install the 4403. Stay with the 41.09 version it has the opengl 1.4 in it. If it doesn’t work, install the version that lists opengl 1.3 and see if that helps. I did the latter and it corrected my problem and then I went for experimental jolt installed the newest ones again (microsoft has them too) and my MOHAA and Alice didn’t work again. So I installed the 41.09 and my games worked fine. I was able to start and finish MOHAA. I think it stopped once but that was me because I hit the wrong key. Oops. Hope this helps.