Where are the openGL libraries??

I’m in linux, trying to find gl.h and glu.h files. I can’t seem to find them on my computer or on the internet…

What’s going on?!

Thanks for helping a newb =)

You need to install OpenGL, some distros already have Mesa & the DRI on by default.

If you have ATI or Matrox or whatever look on the web for the DRI, Mesa and associated drivers. For the best OpenGL on Linux get a GeForce class card, the drivers really are excellent. Don’t listen to the DRI zealots, your OpenGL code WILL run transparently on all other implementations, the entry points are the same, it was designed this way. The closed source issue is a red herring, many of the drivers under the DRI are closed source where the rubber hits the road anyway.

The last thing you want to do is hack on an broken OpenGL driver for Linux, get a WORKING OpenGL driver you don’t have to worry about, buy a GeForce*, prefferably a GeForce3 and get the drivers from here:

Even extensions like register combiners can be used, this really is a class leading fully functional OpenGL implementation for Linux, by a vendor who cares enough about that platform to do the serious implementation work instead of leaving it in a mess after a half hearted effort and saying it’s OS because of the DRI framework.