where am i what is open gl what can i do with it

i got here by chance im good at 3d modeling, very very good at macromedia flash and got adove cs2. but what is open gl and direct 3d how i use it is there some program to make games using my 3d models? do i make games in notepad like web pages? or i need vb?

I don’t know adove cs2. flash wouldn’t help you at all. 3D modeling can be a plus, almost if you know ‘infography’ well graphics sciences.

OpenGL is a graphic library that almost all graphic cards support with library you must understand this is intended for programmers generally C programmers but also VB and you’ll have to learn at least good basis of mathematics specially 3D :slight_smile:

You’ll be able to use your models as long as you know how to import them (how to read their files).

You also can use notepad for writting your programs, but that’s generally not the case (I still can hear people who’ll tell I’m wrong just because they are used to use visual studio or so).
This is mainly because you’ll have to at least compile your programs, things that can be done with several manners but that can also be done just by clicks in a GUI.

hope that helps

i see. so i need vb to make it. im getting it and whats c programing done with? i also herd of c++

Originally posted by oldarney:
i see. so i need vb to make it. im getting it and whats c programing done with? i also herd of c++
Generally you program with C or C++ (OOP based on C) just because all main programs on a computer (that’s also real for how OpenGL has been programmed) have been programmed in C or C++. Also, those languages ensure fast execution of your program, and also some interoperability.

ok so ill asume you need vb to use those lenguages just like macromedia flash to use actionscript 2.0 ill start learning c++

see you could have just told me you need a decompiler to pragram easy enough now to hard part.

CS2 is the Photoshop product, or it’s some creative website designing with carbon disulfide. :slight_smile:

Like Jide, I too would highly recommend C/C++ for your OpenGL coding. You can download Dev-C++, a free, fully functional IDE and compiler. Or, if you don’t mind forking over some change, you can’t do much better than Microsoft Visual Studio for the Windows platform, in all it’s various forms/distributions.

For learning C++, Stroustrup’s book is legendary: