When will GL support Win2k or XP?

I just want to be able to run Quake3 in an XP environment. I have a Voodoo 5500AGP on an old Pentium 2 -450. Can ne1 help me or point me the way to something!


I got open gl working on my system, i have nvidia card but. did u try installing the new win 2k drivers for ur card? If not, u may have to force them to get them to work

Can you help me? and yes…I have the latest drivers installed…and I did know about nVidia releasing some GL support for Win2K & XP! I am confused on what you want me to do! MTIA


go to www.3dfxzone.it & dl amigamerlin driver 2.5se 4 XP , then go to http://www.users.on.net/triforce/glidexp/
& get glide file , after installing driver extract glide2x & glide3x.dll to winnt\system
directory, overwriting old ones, reboot , try again