When to 3DMax or hardcode?

What factors are considered when deciding to
import a 3d model or code it yourself? It seems that importing objects would be alot faster. Less prone to typos, bugs and easier to previsualize. Please don’t get defensive,
I was just wondering.

i agree with you.

if you want to import models from an external application, you have to code a import utility/class/tool, and depending on how much control you need, it can be difficult.

for complex models, for instance, i use to build and texture in MAX and then use a tool i wrote to convert the model .ASE file to a custom file format, easy to load and to manage with.

for simple models like cylinders, grids or cubes, i usually hardcode them.

i think it all depends on how much time you have to design and code support tools for your application, and how much you want it be cool


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