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I’m beyond the point of confussion im at the next level! Ok I read read and read but have not read enough. I read that points are the only elements in space and in computers you can represent points with vectors. Know with vectors you can “draw” the buildings, characters, and other stuff. But then what is 3D studio used for? Are they like turned into X models which are then just placed into the code without the use of vectors to “draw” them out?
Do i have this all backwards ? lol : )

Well If you can please help me!

Thanks in advance

Points are not mathematical vectors… points are well… points… as in an infinitely small coordinate in space… computers usually represent points in two or three coordinate parts, namely the x coordinate y coordinate and z coordinate. These coordinate together specify a specific point in space.

What is 3dStudio used for? It is a modeller a way of graphically definining surfaces and points and lines and curves and shapes and polygons etc into an object… so then you can ultimately put it on the screen interact with it and view it…

Sorry I prematurely put submitted… anyway 3dstudio and other such packages will export a file that contains the necessary information that defines an object… e.g. the points that define the polys that define the object… you can use these in code to display the object in question…

If you need to ask these questions you need to pick up a good book on linear algebra, geometry, and computer graphics before you even begin to tackle the task of OpenGL