What's wrong with this GeForce 6600 GT, please help?


I have GeForce 6600 GT installed on Redhat Linux 9.0. I am writing a shader in NV_fragment_program2 but for some reason none of the mathematical functions like SUBR, DP3R, etc seems to work. They return garbage values. I have verified the values of the variables and they seems to be correct. It’s only when I apply some mathematical functions, the problem arises as they return any random values.

Please comment as to what could be the reason of mathematical functions not behaving properly or returning correct values.

Details about my system:
Processor : Athlon
OS : Redhat Linux 9.0
Kernerl : 2.4.20-8
Graphics Card : GeForce 6600 GT
Graphics Card driver version : 1.0-7676

Please someone help me to identify this weird problem as I am really frustated with this thing.


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How does your application perform under windows? try installing another (earlier) driver.

Really, there are lots of reasons coming to my mind from “your card is broken” to “your kernel is broken” :slight_smile: