Whats with the damn grey screen?

i just put my tnt2 m64 card in,downloaded detonator 3 v12.41 and everything else but i can’t get Q3 to work! pleeeeze help.

Check out the long thread about Q3.

sorry i’m new to all this.whats the long thread?

have you tryed your other opengl based games ?
does direct3d rendered games work?

OH jeez! Q2 did work now she don’t

if you are running win 2000 get latest sevice pack
make sure you have the via 4in1 patch(a must)
do not install agp in turbo mode use stanard
get your latest drivers for all your hardware (a must)especially nvidia refrence drivers
latest patchs for any games
go look for a bios update/flash that might have a solution to your problem.
(warning: if the bios flash readme dosent have fixes for any of your problems you dont have to flash, if you choose to flash BECAREFUL and heed all warnings)
even reinstall game if nessecery
if all that fails, format your drive and reinstall windows. try it in this order
#install windows
#install via 4in1 patch (not turbo mode)
#install direct x 8.0a
#install latest video drivers
#install rest of hardware
#then install some 3d apps, and cross your fingers(just kidding)it should work fine.
i had a simialar grey screen problem tryed everything to get it to work
only reinstalling windows in this order
worked all this info about installing in this order got it from magazines and websites

hmm,i got one step further tonite.no more grey screen but now i get as far as the menu screen and my screen is flickering and flashing lines everywhere and then it freezes.grrrr

F*#k reinstalling windows i cant even do this
imagine what would happen to my cpu if i did that.it would end up being a boat anchor for my dads punt.theres got to be a way

regular backing up of files and the reinstalling of windows is quite mandatory
for most power users.
i reccommend at least every 6 months and paticulary if you made a lot hardware changes, although just installing a new video card shouldnt cause to many troubles
it can still cause problems especially with .dll files and what some users reffer to as .dll Hell its when windows deletes much needed .dll files thinking there not needed ie: windows may keep on trying keep an opengl.dll for a previous video card you may have had and not installing the proper one for the new card.
i highly reccomend reinstalling windows if you havent done it in a long time you will notice a big diffrence with a clean operating system
make sure you have windows 98se or ME as these have the least problems with .dll files and usally recover,but aint perfect
but before you reinstall make sure you got all latest drivers off the net and on a zip disk or copie to cd otherwise there would be little point.

Hmm, flickering and flashing?

I am running a epsxe playstation emulator and it has multiple graphic drivers, configs, etc. Whenever I chose from a couple of directX based drivers it would start flickering and flashing and I had to restart the emulator (not the pc mind u) and use either an opengl driver or a better written directX one. So first off install latest directX. Then try running q2 in software mode. If it runs normally then it’s a driver conflict. Btw, it’s quite hard to troubleshoot if the only info u provided was your newly acquired video card. Pls provide your previous card’s manufacturer, your cpu, mobo, general software config…

hmm i’ve been looking on the net on how to reinstall windows,but,do i uninstall then reinstall windows and do i have to format the hard drive or will uninstalling/reinstalling do that?

in reply to HighCv2,i will try to answer you
q’s as good as i can as i’m a kitten trying to be a lion in one day,so to speek.my cpu is a p3 450mhz,100mhzfsb,128sdram,w/tnt2 m64card.before the tnt2 i had a voodoo banshee and all this drama started when i installed the tnt2.i would take the tnt2 out and reinstall the banshee and no probs.uninstall the banshee,reinstall the tnt2 and ****!i recently overclocked my cpu to 558mhz with no probs but i’ve put it back untill i get it workin again.i’ve recently downloaded dx8 and det3 v12.41 with no success.i can run q2 in software more but who wants to.as soon as i try to run in anything other,BANANA!
p.s thanx for the help so far anyways.

that is definitly the problem i had and a reinstall is wahat fixed it
how to reinstall windows goes like this:
#1 make a windows bootable floppy disk or ask a computer store if they could do one for you at your local computer store (tell them it is for reinstalling windows and that it have boot up cd-rom support.
#2to uninstall windows shut down windows with the “to command prompt” then when in drive c: type “format c:” it will say r u sure say yes
afterthat is over it will ask you how many charcters for drive c: just hit enter
then reboot your computer with the windows boot-up floppy disk in drive a:, when booted it will ask if you want to start with or without cd-rom support, you want to start with cd rom support.
put your windows cd in to the cd drive.
then at the command prompt find your cd drive either d: or e: and type “setup”
this will prompt you from there and it should be fairly straigt forward from there
it might also pay to turn off the bios virus detector while installing as on some motherboards it can stop u from installing windows and turn it back on afterwards.
after installing a few progammes it pays to defragment your hard drive for better performance.
what i find funny is that you can overclock your processer but cant install windows,
althuigh thehhrheh are a lot more articles on the net about overclocking than reinstalling your operating system.

yeah! overclocking **** is fun,reinstalling stuff isn’t.true?

Yeah I guess it would help reinstalling OS since there are too many bits and pieces left after Banshee was removed.

Jimbo… I noticed u just do “format c:” as a command line, I usually use “format c: /q/s” where /q is for quick format and /s is to make the drive bootable…

so basically you guys r saying i have to format and reinstall. i spose i have to coz i havent played q2 or q3 in ages and i’m busting to frag agian.
P.S any1 wanna come over my place and do it 4 me?there will be bourbon and pizza!

hey nvidia_linux asked me about the long thread of Q3.what is that?
is that like the chequered paint or the short wait?hehehe

alchol and pizza sounds good but i have a feeling you dont live in australia
(i drink whisky, bourbons for poor people just kidding no really, im not)
as for formating and making the hardisk bootable highcv, i have never been showen or known that command, and am going to use it next time i format and i suggest stafford does the same and tries that command instead of the hassle of a boot disk.
thank you highcv, and it aint all that hard stafford.

yo jimbo i do live in australia and whisky is an old farts drink.hehe.soz.i’m going to do all of the above now so i hope i’m back soon enuf,ciao!

if u get mirc and logon to au.ausnet.org and channel #atomicmpc
im jimbo808 not all the time though.