What's up with Q3 "LoadLibrarie()"

In Quake3, in the console, one of the first things we see is LoadLibrarie(“c:\windows\system\open32.dll”. What’s up with that? I do nothing in my demos and it still works… I called LoadLibrarie and didn’t gained nothing with it… Please explain…

I thought the Loadlibrary function takes care of loading the opengl ICD. This function allows you to dynamically load your opengl-library. For example in Halflife you can choose your opengl driver. (Quake-minidriver, normal opengl). If you don’t use this function your app will use the standard library, and if you want the user to choose, use this function.

Oh, well. I thought that it would be a bit more than simply loading the Opengl32.dll or whatever. I think, that you’ll have to define all gl function prototypes and you’ll have to get the function pointers from the dll. Or am I wrong. I’ve been planning writing such a loader, but I’m not too sure, on which functions are declared in opengl32.dll and for example nvgl*.dll for my TNT. Has the graphics card’s driver anything implemented. And, when I load all that stuff, I think I cant bind to opengl32.lib. Is that right? And will I be able to include gl.h?

Yes you are right,

of course it isn’t simply loading a dll, but you also must retrieve the addresses of all functions you want to use out of this library. I think these functions are getWinProcess and CallWinProcess or something like that.
See your api-function-viewer about that.