What's the official line?


I was wondering if anyone here knows what the official
line is with OpenGL and Windows 2000.

I heard that the new driver model that they
have introduced with win2k doesn’t support
OpenGL. This would explain the troubles I
have been having.

I have tested my Graphics card (Leadtek
GeForce DDR) with the release build of
win 2k, and it just locked up every time

  • even with the latest drivers. I tested it with
    3DStudio Max using the OpenGl drivers, and various exe’s.

It worked fine with Direct3D, however.

If anyone could help, that would be most

It’s supported (not supporting it would shut out a lot of important apps, not least Q3A). Are you using the Leadtek drivers? If so, get the nVidia ones.
I’ve been using an SDR GeForce under Win2K with no problems.

Nope, Ive tried all the latest drivers, including the Nvidia 3.7.8, the only thing I haven’t tried yet is the cards Bios, but i’m wary about doing this, what do you think?

Are you overclocking it? If so, stop.

Other than that, it’s really a question for Leadtek tech support. However, it does sound suspiciously like a problem I had that turned out to be a dud card - have you used the card successfully under another OS?

I’m not overclocking, and I don’t think it’s a dud card, as It runs perfectly under '98, but I just checked the Leadtek website, and they recommend putting the new Bios on for W2k, and there’s a whole load of Motherboard settings which I have yet to implement, so It could be ok - I hope.