What's the glew?

I hear about the GLEW from my friend.
I want to know whether I can use it to coding without OpenGL.

it’s the opengl extension wrapper. it manages all of opengl’s extensions for you.

It’s actually “The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library”.


You still need OpenGL, it just makes using advanced features in OpenGL a little bit easier, by providing simple macros to check if the graphics hardware you are running on supports a particular extension, and filling in function pointer stubbs for you to call directly without all the getprocaddress ugliness. Abstracting OpenGL version with core feature support vs non core extension where possible is also a consideration that can otherwise affect entry point names and token definitions and extension checks and occasionally break code if not dealt with.

There are other similar libraries that have the same basic objective, for example GLEE:


d’oh i always confuse wrangler and wrapper :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I have understood some.