What's the best way to organize data in buffers?

I write a webgl library with about 1600 objects. I wonder whether the data: vertices / colors / normal should be put into each separate buffer or whether to weave them in one buffer. And then call it with VAO. The library is focused on speed and that’s why I don’t know how to plan it.
What organization do you use yourself?
Advice something.
I put it in this section because webgl is basically opengl.

It depends upon whether you’re going to modify any of the attributes. If the data is completely static, then interleaved attributes in a single buffer are likely to be more efficient. If you’re going to modify some attributes, they should be in a separate buffer so you don’t have to either copy individual values, skipping the ones which aren’t being modified, or copy more data than is necessary.

WebGL is basically OpenGL ES (ES 2.0 for WebGL 1, ES 3.0 for WebGL 2).

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