what's the best video card?

Hey what would you all think is the best Video card and why? if you can please explane why you like it.

thank you
-Grenade Gimbler

I think the Syntetis XL-erator 256 3D
is the best, but I isn’t supported by Microsoft Windows

I still think that the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK is the Creative Annihilator Pro DDR GeForce 1 video card…you can get now for $175 USD…

Not as fast as say the GeForce 2 Ultra or Mx…but good for what you pay.

Well The ELSA Gladiac MX has a Geforce 2 MX and it only cost 288DM ($140)

(32MB DDR, AGP Bulk)

Well, 3D annihlator 2 MX runs about $130.

If you are looking for raw power and don’t care about price, a GeForce2 Ultra based card will be the best.

At least until the NV20 comes out.