Whats my graphics card manufacturer?

Q. Where can I find the latest OpenGL driver for my graphics card?

A. Go to your graphics card manufacturer’s website and download and install their latest OpenGL driver.

How can i find the manufacturer of my graphics card. can someone guide me?

There are lots of ways…

  1. Reboot your computer. It should be the first thing your comptuer tells you when it reboots.

  2. Go under START… RUN… and type dxdiag… DirectX should have a tab for video adapter

  3. While viewing the desktop, right click on your mouse into an empty area of the desktop. Select “Properties” on the menu which pops up, click the “Settings” tab, click on the “advanced” button, and finally… select the “adapter” tab.

  4. Shut down your computer, open the case, and look.

  5. If your computer is from a major computer manufacterer, go to their website and look up the specs on your computer. It should be listed there.

And I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few methods…