What's different between glTF1.0 and glTF2.0?

What’s different between glTF1.0 and glTF2.0?

The press release from the original release of glTF 2.0 provides some general idea of the changes from glTF 1.0:

The most notable difference is the material system, with glTF 2.0 supporting modern physically-based rendering (PBR) materials compatible with all rendering APIs:

In glTF 1.0, a material was defined with a GLSL shader, which suited WebGL, but was problematic when importing a glTF model into a Direct3D or Metal application. Through using PBR, visually arresting glTF 2.0 models are now consistently portable to any rendering API. A PBR material is defined by a few concise parameters that can be used to generate shaders for any rendering API.

Today, “glTF” is basically synonymous with glTF 2.0, and glTF 1.0 files are rarely seen. If you need a very detailed comparison of the two versions you may need to read the specification documents.

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