What's a good GUI for OpenGL?

My game requires a chatroom (2 textboxes, 1 button), and I need it rendered in the scene. I’ve recently changed from DirectX to OpenGL using C++, so I’m still a little rusty on what my options are. I’d like the GUI library to be object-oriented. Any thoughts would be great, thanks.

I am new to OpenGL, but not to programming.
My strength is .Net among other things.

I use Visual Studio .Net to program VC++ for OpenGL. (Enterprise Version)

Even have a live chat up and running on the net right now :smiley:

There is a free version out there, but, with the version I use as well as the free one, some setting up to code for OpenGL is needed - not too complex though. Just some simple settings for each project.

Not sure about the GUI libray for OpenGL as I’m still getting around in it, but, from what I’ve seen for VS, not too bad.

You can always add the proper .ddl’s, headers, and source files as needed.

Like I said, MHO…


Thanks for your thoughts, although I’m talking about a rendered GUI instead of Windows controls. Everquest, WoW, etc. have chat windows, icons to press, etc.

Check it

Simple and good :slight_smile:
Crazy Ed GUI

I really like Crazy Eddies GUI. I’m curious if you can provide a step-by-step document that tells me how to set this up in a Win32 environment. Everything I tried has caused compiler confusion, and not to mention, human confusion! Also links to tutorials would be great too. I’ll start with the sample programs.