What the 3D industry needs - post VRML and a small request.


This may sound a little hokey (‘corny’ to non US), but I really wish you guys luck.

After the ‘demise’ of VRML (the format that never died), we may actually get an industry standard 3D platform that progresses 3D content for the average 3D person - people creating content everyday like us - need such a format.

A format - that unlike IGES or STEP - doesn’t release data that gets companies in trouble.

This is much bigger than many people realise today. There is an enormous demand that this might just fill.

The request - that somewhere in the transferable files there is a protected area that keeps track of ‘who’ - a real name - actually created the original 3D and ‘date’ of creation. This hold be in a kind of ‘fingerprint’ form.

It may be needed for the inevitable arguments of who created what down the road…

Glenn Johnson

Thank you for your well wishes Glen.

Here at SCE R&D we also believe that asset management is a major problem domain wherein COLLADA should enable robust solutions. During 2006 we plan to focus more on that area.

There has been some improvements in the COLLADA <asset> element for the 1.4.0 release.

[li] A document requires a <asset> element.[/:m:1j2x2jau][/li][li] The <asset> element requires <created> and <modified> elements.[/:m:1j2x2jau][/li][li] The <asset> element can have zero or more <contributor> elements.[/:m:1j2x2jau][/li][] The <contributor> element contains author and copyright information.[/*:m:1j2x2jau][/ul]