What software needed?

I have only ever programmed OpenGL on Silicon Graphics and Linux operating systems. I am new to windows programming and applications.

Can a few poeple describe their OpenGL programming environment under windows for me? I apologize for the basic question, I am just trying to get a start on programming some graphics under windows, and don’t know whether VC++ or VB (or whatever else that is out there) might be well suited. What extensions or libraries do you use…

Thanks for any help.

I use VC++ mostly. VB is problematic due to no support for pointers. Java seems to have good support too.

Do a web search for tutorials and you’ll see most are using VC++, either with GLUT, SDL, MFC or plain Win32. I know that nehe has projects in multiple environments and languages.

I also use glew to access GL 1.5 + future functions.
I think it’s at glew.sourceforge.net
There is another one called glee and some others.

NeHe lesson’s

The MSDN library

The MSDN related to OpenGL

The MSDN related to VisualC++

The MSDN related to Win32 (and COM)

The website of GLUT

The website of SDL


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