What libs missing when it says ... .

unresolved external symbol _gluPerspective@32

You need glu32.lib to be included in the project settings.


dudes, using vc++ ??? just try “F1” in the error line and follow the instructions…

Correct Igor, but you are forgetting one thing, the help doesn’t say what file to include

nah, just follow the error message, check the function and there you are…

Hmm, made a small OpenGL-app and “forgot” to include glu32.lib. The linker complained and i pressed F1. Got a whole lot of text in the helpwindow, not nowhere it said I should add glu32.lib, or atleast i couldn’t find it. Maybe I don’t understand what you mean? Bah, never mind, stupid discussion.
By the way, im using MSVC 6.