What libraries/peripheral toolkits would help to rotate/translate around point-cloud?

I need to write a basic tool for exploring some point-cloud data. Not sure if OpenGL is the best choice or if I should go with something higher-level so I’m open to suggestions. I’ve worked through some basic tutorials for rending a triangle and individual data-points. I’ve been able to get the viewport to translate while rendering but I’m having trouble finding a good reference for implementing camera rotation (or point-cloud rotation, either works for me).

My requirements are:

  1. Load/parse a point cloud of 3D coordinates from a textfile (easy enough)
  2. Render point-cloud
  3. Allow rotation, zooming and panning of camera around point-cloud (like how the mouse operates in a CAD application)

I have searched for tutorials on camera rotation; most of them reference a function called gluLookAt which seems to be deprecated. From what I can tell, the GLM library is necessary now to implement rotation or other transformations. Is this correct?

Is there anything like a slightly-higher-level library on top of OpenGL that would help with my requirements? I would think that the style of mouse-based camera movement I’m looking for is a common requirement, and likely included in some package already. I’ve used this package to get started:

So it’s possible the Glitter project already includes the functionality I’m looking for, but I’m not sure which library it might be in or the best approach.

Since you’ve already got GLFW and GLM (with Glitter), you might want to take a look at this:

[li]Moveable Camera and GLFW[/li][li]Camera (LearnOpenGL)[/li][/ul]
or this:

[li]Tutorial 6 : Keyboard and Mouse (opengl-tutorial)[/li][/ul]