What kind of tools are use in a big OpenGL commercial projets ?

Does any of you know what kind of tools are used by big companys. For example I’ve read that GLFW is a very useful thing, but was it ever used in some big projects.

One more thing, do you know any popular game that was made under Liunux, or are those all Linux gametools just for hobbists ?

I know GLFW has been used for a few projects, but not for anything “big commercial”. In those cases at least the GL/DX part of the game is almost always a custom solution or something that is integrated in a scene graph/game engine that the game is built upon (e.g. the Unreal engine).

I believe FMOD is quite popular for commercial apps when it comes to sound (if you don’t want to use DirectSound directly). I think 3DMark03 uses FMOD, for instance.

Some others … for visual simulation (e.g. for cockpit simulators) include OpenSceneGraph, Vega, VegaPrime, VTree, OpenGVS.