What is the old OpenGL profile called so I can do a search for it?

I am looking for a complete tutorial or maybe I can find a course.

Originally, before OpenGL introduced profiles in version 3.2, there was just “OpenGL”.

After that, there was the OpenGL Core Profile and the OpenGL Compatibility Profile. The latter included all “the old stuff”, whereas the former excluded it.

So what you’re looking for is any tutorial based on:

  • OpenGL vers < 3.1,
  • OpenGL vers 3.1 with ARB_compatibility extension, OR
  • OpenGL ver >= 3.2 Compatibility Profile

Just to advise that if what you’re actually looking for is something that doesn’t include shaders and vertex buffers, these aren’t new features. Shaders go back to OpenGL 2.0 whereas vertex buffers go back to OpenGL 1.5, and both may be available in even older versions as extensions. So tutorials for older (pre-GL 3.x) versions will very likely include these too. You really need to go back to material from the 1990s to avoid them.

If you’re looking for information on OpenGL 1.x (fixed-function pipeline, no shaders), the first edition of the “red book” is here.