What is the max FPS limit of OpenGL

Hi there I’m a youtuber and I’m currently doing a video “What’s the speed of light in Minecraft”. I hear Minecraft uses OpenGL for the majority of it’s rendering so I was wondering what the Maximum possible FPS is with OpenGL. Like the theoretical limit if you had infinite processing power and infinite RAM.

I assume OpenGL has it’s limits :slight_smile:


OpenGL® is not a software library, it is an API standard. Different graphics card vendors develope drivers that offer an implementation of the interface. The limits are entirely implementation dependend.

There are also software implementations out there, that offer a conformant interface and do everything on the CPU.

If you give me an infinitely fast turing machine, I will give you a software implementation of OpenGL® that can then render infinitely many frames in zero time. With infinite resources, there are no limitations.

Ah well that was unexpected (and kinda expected at the same time). Then again it’s also fairly disappointing :stuck_out_tongue: