What is the expected performance?

What is the expected performance for OpenGL ES on various platforms (e.g., 400Mhz Dell Axim)? I am looking at a project for displaying significantly sized models (e.g., 200K+ vertices) but need to have some idea about the expected performance/framerates. I have Mesa 6.0.1 running on my PDA, but it is not optimized at all and I’m barely getting 10K triangles/sec which is far from what I need.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


hi tim,

i didn’t know that there was a port of mesa for the PocketPC. thanks for the information.
Mesa makes heavy use of floating point. since there is not FPU on current mobile devices, floating point is emulated in software which is really slow. if you need to run an OpenGL application on the PDA have a look at Klimt. if OpenGL|ES is sufficient, then also have a look at Vincent or Hybrid’s implementation…


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