What is the best mobile hardware accelerator available?


My company has developed a mobile device based on the Intel PXA270 processor together with the 2700G5 graphical hardware accerlator. Main usage of the device is to show GIS information (a map) with lots of polygon/polylines. OS is Windows CE 5.

During the software development, we found out that the performance of the 2700G is not what one might expect. I think lots of forum threads can subscribe this.

The device is now under redesign where there is a possibility for us(software guys) to ask the hardware guys to place a different hardware accelerator. Note that the PXA270 cannot be changed.

My question is: what is the best hardware accelerator available that we can use? I prefer that it supports OpenGL (ES) ofcourse.

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What kind of performance are you expecting, under which circumstances? What resolution, polygon count, number of drawcalls, amount of texture data, depth complexity?

Where are the “lots of forum threads” you’re referring to?

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