What is set and binding in GLSL?

Dear everyone
How are you?
I am a C++ developer, pretty new to Vulkan

May I ask
In GLSL language,
what is the meaning below ?

layout (set = 0, binding = 1) uniform uB00 { ..

That is,
what is “set”?
what is “binding”?

I will really appreciate if you can help me with this issue

Thank you and have a nice day

They refer to descriptors, see Vulkan® 1.3.243 - A Specification (with KHR extensions)

You can bind an arbitrary number of descriptor sets with each having one or more bindings. It’s a basic Vulkan concept that’s important to understand if you want to work with Vulkan. The above link to the spec should clarify things.

If not, take a look at more tutorial oriented resources like https://vkguide.dev/docs/chapter-4/descriptors/

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Dear Sascha:
Hello, nice to meet you, Sascha.
Thank you for your valuable advise and kindness

I didn’t study OpenGL and directly went to Vulkan since late of last Feb.
I found Vulkan is not easy for those who don’t have experience in 3D programming.
(I knew a little 3D math and shading concepts, though)

However, I like Vulkan so much now, and will follow as you recommended.

Thank you again and have a great week, Sascha.
Best regards,

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