What is OpenGL 3.2?

This post will concern a thing that I wondered about for years yet.

Since I use OpenGL, I was always using the old opengl95.exe to get the needed files and that was the whole process. This is the vresion 1.1. Since I saw there were newer versions of OpenGL available, I was making attempts to find a download for them with no success.

I firstly thought that newer versions are available through various SDKs, depending on the rendering hardware, but then I remembered OpenGL is not rendering hardware dependent. The next thing that comes to mind is that newer versions of OpenGL are not available for MS Windows. This seems reasonable, but still I’d feel a little dumb for being unable to find such a statement. :slight_smile:

Still I am only on the level of guessing and wondering how to try out new features so, I hope somebody will be so kind to tell me if and how I can get a newer version of OpenGL.

OpenGL doesn’t work that way.

On Windows, you must query function pointers for your version of OpenGL, similar to how you get extension function pointers. When you create an OpenGL context, if it supports GL 2.1, then you know that you can call wglGetProcAddress for all functions that are part of GL 2.1, but not part of GL 1.1. Same goes for GL 3.2.

Extension loading libraries like GLEW and GLee do all of this for you.

Have a read there for details :

Thank you, guys. :slight_smile: This is yet something to consider and start from.

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