What is half angle vector???????

What is half angle vector can anybody tell me?? I know that it is used in lighting calculation but I haven’t looked into it…just yet…

any help is appreciated


The half angle vector H is 0.5(V+L) Where V is the view vector and L is the light vector. You then compute specular lighting by using H dot N. It is used in e.g. the OpenGL lighting equation mostly because of it’s efficiency. If the light is directional and the viewer is at infinity, H is constant so you only have to compute is once. Try searching google for “lighting equation” with “blinn” and “phong” and you should get some relevant pages.

thanks alot
Im still see it vaguely… could you help me visualize it please like what exactly half angle vector does… or any articles on that if you dont wanna waste your time telling me…


I found this. http://www.whisqu.se/per/docs/graphics10.htm

A most excellent description on Blinn Specular. And why the half angle is used.