what is game mode?

When compiling a simple openGL program using Glut with Visual C++ I got this error message.
GLUT: <path to exe>: Cannot attach menu in game mode.

What is game mode?

From the faq:

Q41:What is GameGLUT?

A41: GameGLUT is a set of API extension to GLUT to be released in GLUT 3.7. These extensions provide keyboard
release callbacks, disabling of keyboard auto repeat, joystick callbacks, and full screen resolution setting.

Dont think its possible to have menues and such in game mode.

game mode is a mode of glut with no window (full screen) and you can set other parameters such as resolution etc You cannot use menues in this mode

you enter game mode with

glutEnterGameMode(char * paramstring)

I cannot remember what the paramString is (something like resolution@refresh or something…

well hope I helped