:?: What is best way to make a small graphics using collada?

:?: What is best way to make a small graphics using collada?

Hi everybody, I’m newbie using collada format and I start to read the documentation (in the theory everything seems fine), also I tested some plugins. But at this time I can’t find the way to make some 3d compact objects. By default, the collada object is implementing a lot of things, that you really don’t needed, maybe is because the exporter was configured in that way (I tried with the options too). – I explain, I used a 3D model, from some collada tutorial (a cow model in papervision, it’s only 80kb). I saved as collada again without changes (In blender and 3DSmax), then I watch result with a compare editor… Basically when I try to import from another formats, the size is duplicate. (A detail, I can’t do this with all 3D models).
I will like to do a small objects without big details, in my case is more important the texture and final size: no more than 30kb for example.
if somebody have a experience, a clue, a solution… I really appreciate your help

Tricks, tutorials, examples, links, everything are welcome…

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nobody knows?

Try optimizing your models in MeshLab? http://meshlab.sourceforge.net/