What is a texture2D type in GLSL?

In GL Shader language spec 4.6 texture2D is an opaque type listed in section 4.1 , but it not appeared in the grammar section (chapter 9). I’ve tried to use it in real shader source, it can’t compile. What I’ve missed ? Is it in fact replaced by image2D? Many thanks!

The type texture2D only exists when compiling GLSL to SPIR-V targeting Vulkan. In Vulkan-GLSL, your shader can access a texture that has no sampler data coupled to it. You can provide sampler parameters separately from a texture in OpenGL, but associating the texture with the sampler object happens outside of GLSL. In Vulkan, a texture can be associated with a sampler inside the shader, which is why the type sampler also exists in Vulkan-GLSL.

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