What is a good video card to get if i just upgraded from Win 98 SE to Win XP?

I’ve been reading around these pages and couldn’t really find a solid answer to my question. which is that i just upgraded to Windows XP, and when i try playing games like we all know, i.e. JK II, M.O.H… they say i don’t have OpenGL blah blah blah. i was able to run the games on 98. so if i were to purchase a video card to work with these games, what would be a good one to go for that would work? thanks for any help!!!

The only way I’ve heard successfully resolves the issue would be to do a clean install of WinXP. I’d bet in almost every single instance of a user upgrading from 98/ME to XP (that I’ve heard of) has resulted in problems, most notably the problems with OpenGL games.

From looking over these forums, it doesn’t appear any card is immune, my understand is that it’s a problem with Microsoft’s upgrade path.