What is a good sound Library?

I wan’t to add sound to my openGL app but I dont’ know where to begin. I have looked for some tutorials but I am not familiar with Direct X.

Any sites or libraries would be helpful.

thanks you.

FMOD rocks.

It depends… I also think that FMOD rocks under… under Windows.
If you want to make your code works on linux paltform, Xaudio is a better choice, I think.

Of course, it’s a matter of taste. And FMOD works under Linux too, so you have a portable sound library.

OpenAL ?

OpenAL isn’t a good option.
It’s very low level and you’d have to code the file decoding you’r self.
And alut ( audio libary utility toolkit - glut for OpenAL ) has only wav loading.

Yeah but openal works with just about every platform there is without too much work. Yes its only wav support, but if you are looking for absolute portability, I recomend OpengAl, and its OpenGl sytax, so thats easier to learn. I thought anyways, oh yeah, its FREE.


dabeav you are darn right. In my younger days I wrote a sound server using OpenAl, it worked on NT, IRIX and Linux. Further I implemented another lib, but I forgot the name, I think it was something like cddaudio-Lib. It let me able to play cdda-CD. It was fun to write that stuff. And OpenAL has the ability to attach sounds to objects, this is a very neat feature!

I suggest using OpenAL since as dabeav said it is more or less just like OpenGL!


Right ON, Im glad to see someone agrees with me on this issue, so many peaple push BASS and Fmod, which are great for there use, but the reason we all use OpenGL is because its 1. OPEN, and 2. FREE. OpenAL is the same way. Although it is in ints infancy for supporting higher media. But for what it does, it does it WELL. And its 3D audio/item attachment is unparralled. Once again, RIGHT ON.

Furthermore you can find libs on SourceForge which let you load other sound files with ease. It might be a little tricky to figure out how to compile them on not Linux machines, but what would be coding without those little tricky traps? I bet we all wouldn’t enjoy it that much!