What I need to install for programing on Linux?

Hi people,

I’m completely new in this area so please don’t laugh for silly questions.

So…my questions are:

  1. Which specialized text editor you use for programing with OpenGL?

2)What else I need to install so I could program with OpenGL?

Thanks in advance

  1. Any editor you use for programming
  2. Nothing, basic files (like libraries and headers, if you use C or C++) are already installed with gcc. Also, make sure you have installed proprietary drivers for your graphics card.

I highly recommend codeblocks for C++ development on Linux.

Use Eclipse or Netbeans. NetBEans have a plugin for OpenGL, you can editi OpenGL shaders with syntax correction.

The plugin


Both supports C/C++ and Java. You can use OpenGL from Java with the JOGL API.


Both are cross platform.

In linux make sure that you have an affirmative output with this command:

#glxinfo | grep rendering

This means your hardware is installed correctly.



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