What happened to Tk.h and aux.h?

I have been reading lesson 6 of NeHe’s Tutorials and i d-loaded the mac version.

It requires tk.h
I have apple’s latest SDK so now the question is where the hell is it???

I read somewhere that the tk lib is no more part of the OpenGL SDK because is so old that it bacame obsolete.

But if you can find the Apple OpenGL SDK 1.1 you can still use it and compile it with your project.

I don’t buy that. tk lib had some really usefull stuff - like loading .sgi format images to be used as texture maps. Also, now that agl has gone, how are you supposed to set up draw sprocket environments to draw OpenGL to.

As an after thought, does anyone know of any good libraries with functions to load images for use as textures?

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