What happened to my images' loading functions???

I wrote 4 functions loading, each of them respectively BMP, TGA, JPG andf PCX.
It all worked fine.

When I moved my “graphic engine” along with mentioned functions to some DLL it stopped working, except JPG one.
For example for BMP’s:

AUX_RGBImageRec* bitmap = auxDIBImageLoad(FileName);

throws an exception, don’t remember excatly but something like: “Invalid DIB file format”

Does it have anything to do with incorrect bytes alignment (use maybe #pragma pack(push, 1) or something like that?) ?

It would be great if you could help me with this stupid bug.

You need Your function for tga/jpg load.
You can get him from demos on developer.nvidia.com.

Actually I do have both. I didn’t mention it in the post before, but tga stopped to work for me too and jpg too.
Then I replaced some definitions in some JPG library includes with byte instead of BOOLEAN and it works again, so it looks like something has changed after moving my project to DLL.
Now only JPG works for me.

ps. PCX stopped to work for me too, so I’m sure it’s not a bug in another parts of my code