What happend to the 'OpenGL Challenge' website?

Does anyone know what happend to th ‘OpenGL Challenge’ webside?
I know Otri didn’t continue it, but someone else did.
I tried both weblinks - oglchallenge.otri.net and www.splitatomdesign.com
But i can’t get connected to it - is it down?
Is it hosted on an alternative Site?

Who can help?

Noone knows what happened?

Nope, no idea. Perhaps they ran out of $$$, since you can’t even ping the servers.

“Due to some minor difficulties with our ISP the OpenGL Challenge will be down for a couple of days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.”

This is what I get at this adress: http://www.oglchallenge.net/

Seems to be a major problem ;-(

It’s a pity, it was a great site. The challenge was a really good collection of interesting sourcecode.

I hope the site will be online again (in near future?)!


any chance to get the challenge source pack anywhere??

i’m just beginning with opengl and i’m looking for demo-like effects.


I have all the sources from OGLChallenge, but that’s a really big pack…
If you remember the exact sample you need I can send it, but not all the files…

rIO.sK http://www.spinningkids.org/umine

i’m just looking for amiga (sniff) demo-like effects, i know 3d is the game with opengl… and there are a lot of tutorials about it, but i hope in the challenge maybe some of the sources can show me how to work with some font effects / bitmap load. I’m TOTALLY beginner.

just looking for some text to show in front of the amazing 3d features of opengl. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

my e-mail is xpanades@antionline.org

if ya know any place where i can download the sources, better than you loose your time.

i visited yar place… great!.

Otri got a job with EA and had to give up running the challenge because he didn’t have any free time left over.

I know that Otri had no more time to spend it in the website.
He made a good work with his site; i hope he’s happy at EA!

But ‘splitatomdesign’ tried to continue the site. They did it for 2 month (or 3); they made a new (and eveb good) new design for the site.
I’m sorry that they have such problems with the ISP.

The site is back! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: www.oglchallenge.com


Finally completely dead?

for a while the site was reopened, then it closed for a redesign.
The last response i got from the admin was that the site will reopen at the end of 2001 (october or november).
but even ifo-screen, that was displayed last year (“the site will be redesigned”), isn’t present any more.

Has the site moved? or is it really dead?

CU, Snoopy2k

The OpenGL Challenge has been passed on to a new maintainer and is currently being reincarnated as Demo Chronicles. A full archive of the demos produced for the original OpenGL Challenge can be found at the Demo Challenge archive.

Holy necromancy, Batman!

You could have just posted a new topic.

I think doing it this way makes a subtle point about my endeavour. The OpenGL Challenge died almost ten years ago. I’m attempting to breath life back into it again. :smiley:

The OpenGL Challenge died almost ten years ago.

Which means it died long enough ago that nobody knows what it is. And you neglected to tell us.

:o Wow. You are completely right and I stand corrected. Ok, let’s see if I can do this justice:

The OpenGL Challenge was started by a guy I met in college named Otri. In 1999 he became interested in the work being produced by NeHe and he began a weekly competition where contributors produced a little OpenGL demo based on a theme he picked. Over the 17 months that the project ran, Otri attracted a number of regular contributors who collectively produced upwards of 150 OpenGL demos. Otri started to run into time constraints by the end of 2000 and the number of regular contributors to the OpenGL Challenge were dropping off and so he made the decision to pass the management of the project off to one of his friends (I met this guy once at Otri’s house but I can’t remember his name). The project lasted under the new caretaker for another two months before the whole thing collapsed. The OpenGL Challenge existed as a site “under construction” for a couple of years after its collapse, always promising to be back-up in a few months time. Eventually even these place holders disappeared from the net.

Although I was never a contributor to the OpenGL Challenge back when Otri was running it, I kept track of the weekly themes and maintained my interest in OpenGL. I recently decided that I would like to pick up where Otri left off and possibly fill some of the vaccum that was created in the OpenGL scene when Jeff Molofee turned over maintenance of his site to GameDev. I contacted Otri and he agreed to let me have a copy of the OpenGL Challenge archive. He gave me his blessing to pick up the challenge from where it had dropped in 2001 and so, it is to this end that I have created the still-in-development Demo Chronicles. :smiley:

Hopefully that makes things a little clearer.