What games can use the 3D glasses?

I ask here because I heard it is an OpenGL feature. I have the ATI 9700. Can I use it for 3D games?

Well its not really openGL that is doing anything. Its the windowing system you are using. And there are no games that I know of that use true 3d capabilities.

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I guess I heard wrong many times from many different sources.

I could be wrong about games that support it but I know it has nothing to do with openGL

Well, from what i noticed in theaters that you had to put on 3d glasses and all, I think you can make a game that pops out at you if you put 3d glasses on. I’m not sure if this is how it works, but i remember seeing the movie appear normally, and then the the whole frame (or slide or whatever they call it in hollywood) was draw three more times and it was moved each of those times to a different location on the screen. It was done in red, blue and green tints.

So what you could do in OpenGL, if that is how those graphics are created is render each frame into the accumulation buffer four times before displaying it. Each time you draw it in, you’d have to ‘move’ the scene to the appropriate spot. Then you render the accumulation buffer’s contents and put the glasses on and it might work. The might is because i really don’t know if putting three more instances of each frame really does make 3d glasses work. If it does then there you have it…that’s how it is done.

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Stereo IS an OpenGL feature. You can render your scene to a “left eye” buffer and to a “right eye” buffer, and then “swap” both at the same time. In other words, each program/game has to support this and manually render each frame of a scene twice (once for the left eye and once for the right eye). How the left/right images are displayed is up to the OpenGL driver and the hardware (e.g. graphics card and glasses), of course.

Unfortunately, no consumer level hardware that I know of supports this feature in OpenGL. Instead most “cheap” OpenGL cards with stereo support uses a “trick” in the driver, which translates a normal “mono” buffer into two stereo buffers (I think they use the distance information to determine how to “skew” the left & right views). Most games can run with this mode (they don’t even have to be aware of the fact that the display is in stereo). They basically only have to follow a few rules so that the driver can correctly figure out the distance to each object (e.g. be careful with how “sprites”, billboards and special effects such as sparks and fire are drawn, and also how the HUD is drawn).

Are you asking about just playing games or writing them?


yes which!?

This post is starting to get funny . Look John if you are trying to find games that you can use 3d glasses for, this is not the place to put the thread. Try putting it in the users forum. If you want to know how to program the effect, then well I guess just stick around.

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