What embedded system uses OpenGL ?

I don’t know any embedded system with a OpenGL,
can you give a example?

If you know an embedded-system that uses OpenGL, tell me.

Here are a couple:

ATI Nucleus, for use in dvd players and portable computing devices

Quantum3D’s cockpit display systems (AH64 Apache)

Any reason why you ask?
– Jeff

The new software going into OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Army helicopter makes use of glass displays driven by an OpenGL-like API. Some of the new EFIS displays are OpenGL based.

The next generation Longbow Apache helicopter will be running OpenGL on the 3Dfx Napalm chipset. I’m doing the integration.

The N64 and Playstation do.

Originally posted by Tedades:
I don’t know any embedded system with a OpenGL,
can you give a example?

I don’t know any embedded system with a OpenGL,
can you give a example?

if you really like the Embeded type OS
then take a look at http://get.qnx.com
for the Free For Personal Use QNX RTP,
[QNX are Phx Members].

it makes a really good desktop OS too, as
many people have found out since its release
back in Oct.

it has OpenGL and 3dFx as its base
engines, theres wads of online developers
docs on their site and you can also chat with the many devs and users over at [http://www.getqnx.com](http://www.getqnx.com) thePhoenix Developers
Consortium` partner site.

they also have a news server you can take
at news://inn.qnx.com.

renderware and several other good things
are also included, you first download
eather the windows installable binaryfile
[26meg] or the ISO image that can install from windows or linux [90meg], then you use their included repository tool from inside
RTP (RealTime Platform) to install any or
all the included developers tools [LOADS of good stuff there].

id like to see many more 3rd party OpenGL coders take a look at this cppl bit of free kit, and perhaps port some or all of the best code to the Native RTP Photon GUI rather than the current X layer most first try 3rd party devs are going right now, its way
faster than the included xPhoton layer
and would allow you to become far more
creative in your base code.

please take a look and realise that even
though this RTP looks like an enbeded OS
its got the potential to be a great
desktop OS too, thats why Phx support
it as their base OS (alongside the new
Elate RT OS that amiga Inc [also Phx Members]are working with).

The latest model F-16 will be using embedded OpenGL for cockpit displays

I want to use openGL on my existing graphic controller for embedded application. what are the required changes in Driver. what kind of features openGL require from the hardware??
I want to use it without any windowing system. is it possible?

This is a test

Are there any embedded marine navigation systems (GPS, ECS) that use OpenGL?