What does MMO stand for?

I have a very newbieish :smiley: question:
What does MMO stand for?

Thanks in advance.

In the context of MMORPG, it stands for Massively Multiplayer Online.

This has nothing to do with OpenGL, and you could have found the answer in 2 seconds with Google.

Thank you very much for answering my question. And I apologize if you think that I have waisted your time by asking a question that I should have tried to find the asnwer of it myself.
Based on my own experience google is very good when you want to find info about some specific object. But it is not very efficient if you want to find out what an acronym stands for. Just to test this I tried finding meaning of MMORPG in
google (meaning not info) . Lets just say it took a lot more than 2 sec.
And typically when I ask a question like this I get 2 answers the first one is the answer to my question and the second is typically a link to a webpage in an encyclopedia kind of site that includes the definition of that term. Then I would be able to use that encyclopedia website (which might be about chat slang, mathematics, C++ programming …) to find the meaning of other related terms.
Well I’ve got my first type of answer and I am grateful for it. And now I wish someone would be kind enough to give me the second type of answer.

Google for “acronym”. Use the first hit to look up MMORPG.