What do you think?

I started up a new webpage that serves as an OpenGL tutorial page and my home page. What do you guys think about the site? Also, can you take a look at my first tutorial really fast and tell me how it is? (just scan the word file).

P.S. I deleted my previous post and reposted this topic with much fewer words. The other post was long! Sorry if this offends anyone (the reposting).

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Thanks for any replies!

I think .docs suck. No offense, but it’s just not the right way.

It looks like you have a nice HTML layout already in place, why not use that to carry the information?

Well, actually that was one of the more difficult decisions I made on the webpage. I was going to do just .html files for the tutorials, but mine are aimed at windows users anyways and the .doc files provide me with a lot more functionality like putting complex math equations without resulting to some really crazy html code. I was going to have a word file AND a html document, but I don’t have a lot of webspace to work with right now, so I’ll think about that as time goes on.

Thank you very much for you reply.

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Okay, I’ve managed to get to a machine where I can actually view word files :slight_smile:

Looks really good. Thourough and very well illustrated. It didn’t go far into coding, but that’s by design I guess.

Thumbs up.

The only suggestion I can make is to maybe split the introductory part where you describe OpenGL operation into its own document. Like ‘preface’ or ‘lesson zero’ or something.

But let me repeat,
good work

You could improve html interface a bit Yellow+Green+Blue Brrrrrrrrrrr. Everything else looks acceptable

Do you have any suggestion on the color scheme change? I think the yellow kinda dulls the page a little, but it also fits together okay. If your suggestion looks better I’ll be glad to change it.

Thanks you guys! To everyone else (and to u guys that already posted…if u want), keep the comments flowing!

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Hey zeckensack, i really liked your suggestion about chopping them into two different files! I think i’m gonna do that. Thanks so much!

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I think that people starting opengl have a lot of OGL specific problems -> clipping, ortho, projection modes, double buffering etc., window creation could be left to GLUT or smthn like that (as often NVIDIA does in their demos). And that also means project portability

I don’t uderstand “if(NULL==smthn)” that can be changed to if(!smthn), I think that’s whole lot better.

You make a very good point about using GLUT. And i understand the OS portability argument, but all my tutorials are meant for windows anyways. The word files and all. However, I thought of that and isolated all the OpenGL code into a class. So if you learn the OpenGL code that I isolated, it would be very easy to reprogram in GLUT. I might just make another source file using GLUT a little bit later on too. I mean i have all the OpenGL code and initializing GLUT only takes a few procedure calls. Also the way my program is structures leads into the use of my Halcyon Rage utility kit library that I will be posting up on my website soon.

But again, very good point!

About the syntax. It is better in terms of just writing the code as !hWnd, but I program with the NULL==hWnd because they are technically not the same thing. The ! operator check to see if the value is false or true. The NULL checks to see if the variable is pointing to anything or not. It really works out the same way, but I just like sticking to the ‘rules’ on this kinda stuff. You never know when you may have an error and the objects gets set to 0 when it is defined and pointing a perfectly fine object.

Thanks m/\dm/
. By the way, I think your name is really creative with the forward and backward slashes!

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Just informing everyone that i have posted a new tutorial! I think the word file does a really good job of covering the basics of drawing a primitive. Tell me what you think. It seems really long, but that is just because how the explanation for the primitives is set up at the very end. Thanks for all the comments guys!

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