What do you think about my application? (download)

Hello you,

due to your help and the time I spent on finishing some Tao/C#/OpenGL project, I am proud to present to you some final result (after 6 weeks). I named this one “Terrain Flight”. I put some DLLs into the release-directory just in the case of cases.

Please have a look at my program, just execute the EXE file in the archive (no trojans I promise). Runs fine on Windows XP systems. (Not on Vista … I don’t know why … there is some problem with the call of display lists.)

Terrain Flight (download) (about 20 MB)
(Mirror) Terrain Flight


Thanks for your opinions, in advance.
Greetings and good night.

The link timeouts, could not download.

I uploaded it once again to another file hoster. Please check the second mirror in the first post.

  1. Never put opengl32.dll, openal.dll, alut.dll in the application directory.
    Instead you should remind user to download latest drivers, and distribute OpenAL installer with your application.

  2. That thing requires .NET 2.0 to run? Unusual for a stand-alone applicatoin to have such requirement.

As for rendering terrain - you apply fog to terrain but you don’t apply fog to sky - this produces very ugly result at horizon. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this over and over again in many commercial games - that’s the problem with standard skyboxes. I’m using cubemap for fog (or shaders if available), so it’s color is not constant:

I disabled shaders when making this screenshot (excpet for water and sky) - the fog on terrain comes from the cubemap only.

Run just fine on Vista here… I had to delete the opengl32.dll though, really bad idea to distribute it, since it is already part of Windows system.

Runs fine on Windows 2000/geforce6800.
Had to remove the opengl32.dll, what a weird idea to put it along your exe…

Nice sound spatialisation (thx openAL).
Too bad the dynamic light does not match the sun position in the sky…
The terrain itself is too blocky, I mean the sqaure tilings are very obvious.
The terrain geomorphing is nice, too bad for the square tilings.

Ok, I will remove the “opengl32.dll”. I will leave the other files in the archive. Because I don’t want to burden users to install any libraries first.

I won’t do any changes in the source code due to lack of time. Howeverm I will provide the source code soon.

Thanks for testing, everyone.

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